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Become a space officer


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Ever since the Alliance was founded on Yomi IV, the brightest, boldest minds of the galaxy sought to join the Yomi Fleet. Will you be up to the challenge? Will you join the Alliance?

Explore an universe of stories


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There is in the land of Mnar a vast still lake that is fed by no stream and out of which no stream flows.


An officer trained to take difficult command decisions that will impact the lives of his shipmates


Explore the wonders of the galaxy and help to solve misteries and learn more about what's behind your homeworld


The lives of your shipmates depends on your decisions and training. From flu-like symptoms to emergency operations the sickbay is your house!


Whether is systems engineering or starship engineering your technical skills will be challenged as emergency repairs and technical know-how will be essential.

Security Guard

Ranging from internal security against petty crimes to escorting away teams in dangerous missions, hand weapons and tactics are essential.

Tactical Officer

During ship-to-ship combat or orbital strikes you are the officer in charge of operations. Do not distract yourself or your enemies will hit you.


A psychologist specialist, your job is to make sure all fellow officers are fit for duty and able to withstand stress and mental fatigue.


During first contact operations or during daily routine your task is to make sure peace is the main option during crisis.

Social Expert

An historian, researcher or fan of a specific culture, your role is essential to understand the folklore and discover artifacts from ancient worlds, unraveling their stories.

Engaging Experience

"First time I played a Bruni Multimedia game, I couldn't stop playing for 6.3 hours. Such an engaging and fun game."

- Steam Reviewer

Epic Story

"This game / visual novel is an ambitious endeavor on the part of Bruni Multimedia"

- Steam Reviewer

Frequently Updated

"I am 30 hours in my first playthrough and still I am getting new content and the story is getting pretty engaging."

- Steam Reviewer


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