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About Us

Bruni Multimedia is an indie studio founded in 2018 with the goal of creating the games we always wanted to play. Specializing in Visual Novel development, we try as hard as we can to deliver something completely new in the Visual Novel videogame industry!
While this is indeed a bold objective, we enjoy the challenge and we can’t wait for you to try our games!


Different Gameplay

Adding gameplay elements to Visual Novels is what we aim to. Delivering different kinds of visual novels is our goal and we always seek a way to achieve it


Choices that really matter

Our Visual Novels are highly interactive, full of choices and consequences. We aim to offer multiple playthroughs to our titles, so that every time you play you can experience different outcomes.

Why should I support you?

We’re trying to develop the game we always wanted to play. Support from our player community made it possible to achieve this result!
From the deep simulation and narration to the engaging and varied clinic management gameplay, we’re trying to make a different kind of Visual Novel, something that was never shown before.

This goal requires time of course, and the journey to the final release will take several months to be concluded. Delivering something we’re proud of is our main objective with this game and the games that will come.


Every character in our games has a different mood, agenda, personality and experience. You won't find a character alike another one, adding to the games' complexity


We started with a Patreon crowdfunding in May 2017, and we quickly reached a loyal fanbase throughout the world. Help us achieve our goals on Patreon and Kickstarter!


General Practitioner

The Coroner Saga